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5th APRIL 1993 is the day that Atlantic Industrials was born.

Beginning in and around the North west of England, delivering bearings locally to farmers, engineering shops, food factories. this is how the company began, we delivered twice a day, day and night.

At the beginning of 2005 we joined the BearingNet and began to change our business model

By 2009 our drivers came to work inside, now that all items were shipped internationally by TNT, UPS, FedEx etc.


2011 we became fully internet based in trading and the vast majority of our sales came from exporting to Europe, USA and the rest of the world.

We stock over 7000 different bearings with all major brands from NSK,SKF,TIMKEN,SCHAEFFLER and NTN.

Our main job is to find the stock that is difficult to aquire.

The way we store and protect our bearings is by making sure everything is oiled well, wrapped and then covered in a polythene dust sheet to avoid any dust getting to the bearings.

We take pride in the presentation of our stock and we have a great system in place to ensure that each individual bearing is looked after.

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